Sanchi’s big sacrifice gets revealed in Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka


Viren hears Aryan and Sanchi, and gets to know all the truth. Viren is annoyed and asks Sanchi how can she not tell them and hurt them by her fake death news, could she not explain before disappearing. Sanchi apologizes to Viren and tells him why she did this to expose Nikita, to make good win over evil. Nikita was troubling Sanchi’s inlaws and dividing the house.

Sanchi tells Viren that if she did not do this drama, her inlaws family would have got shattered. Viren does not listen to Sanchi. Sanchi and Aryan try to explain.

Later, Sanchi’s family get to know that Sanchi is alive, and has taken Malvika’s disguise to help out Aryan’s family. Sanchi comes to meet her parents, who get very happy seeing Sanchi. Everyone knows the truth now that Malvika is Sanchi. Sanchi hugs her parents. Viren says Sanchi never went away from me, she acted of death to save Aryan’s family, Aryan knew this, Aryan and Sanchi made this plan to expose Nikita and save her inlaws respect.


Sanchi apologizes to her mummy for hurting them by her plan. Sanchi had to take this step for Aryan’s family. Sanchi’s mum gets proud of Sanchi. She says Sanchi gave such a big sacrifice, she has become so sensible. Everyone falls in place after a long time.


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