Shivay’s search for video clip turns futile in Ishqbaaz


Shivay makes a plan to find the video holding the shattering truth of Omkara’s birth. He hires a spy and sends him to Mrs. Kapoor’s house to find the video. Shivay tries making Anika jealous by gifting a ring to Tia. He makes Tia wear the ring in front of family, hoping that Anika will feel something.

Anika becomes part of the ring ceremony and does not exhibit any emotions, though she feels jealous. Shivay compliments Tia, while his focus still goes on Anika. He gets a doubt on Mrs. Kapoor’s gift for Tia. He plans a surprise to keep Tia and Mrs. Kapoor busy. He goes to Tia’s room. Shivay checks the gift box and finds gold bangles. He checks if any video chip is inside the bangles. Shivay does not get any evidence.

Shivay tries making Anika jealous by showing Tia and his photos. He asks Anika if she found the photos romantic. Anika shows some jealousy. She tells him that she does not know what romantic means. Shivay engages her in words, which makes her admit what she felt seeing the photos. Shivay asks her to teach him romantic poses. He plans to make her recall the past by recreating old moments. He asks Anika if she has any feelings by his touch. Anika denies at first, and then accepts her feelings. Will Shivay’s plan to get Anika’s memory back work? Keep reading.


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