Suraj’s failure in Dangal calls for good times in Udaan


After Suraj and Vivaan’s Dangal fight, Suraj’s clothes get spoiled. Suraj loses in the fight, and does not get new clothes which he was going to get if he won the fight. Chakor throws water on Suraj and cleans his clothes. There will be light moments seen between Suraj and Chakor. Suraj asks her to stop it, its enough. Chakor says your clothes are very dirty, you should look clean. She requests Ragini to give new clothes to Suraj.

Ragini agrees to just give one set of clothes to Suraj. Suraj asks Chakor to stop putting water on him, else he will get fever. Chakor says bath is healthy for the body, and asks him to wear new clothes and then have food. Suraj also showers water on Chakor. They have a romantic moment. She gets the new clothes for him, and they wait to get the food. After all the troubles and tortures, Suraj finds happiness. Suraj is happy to have Chakor in his life.


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