Adi and Romi’s Tamilian avatars in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Romi and Adi take the typical Tamilian avatars. Adi asks Romi not to worry. Romi teaches her how to speak Tamil. They dress up in Tamilian clothes. They have done this to enter Mani’s house. Adi asks Romi to speak few words and just nod. Romi says you are teaching me, I know this. They want to meet Mihika and Aaliya in Shagun’s baby shower ceremony.

Romi is scared that Mihika will identify him. Adi and Romi’s scene gets funny. Adi takes Romi for moral support and wants Romi to be on his side when they get caught. Adi and Romi took the step for love. Raman asks Ishita to wear the saree Mrs. Bhalla got for her. Ishita is confused about the saree. Raman suggests Ishita and helps her out. Ishita is getting attached to Gulabo. Ishita and entire family will be meeting in Shagun’s function unknowingly, in disguises.


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