Raghav and Naina’s dramatic meet in Pardes


Raghav came India with his Dadi, to fulfill Dadi’s last wish that she can’t to spend her final days in her home country. Raghav hopes Dadi can recover soon if she stays in India. However, fate makes Raghav meet Naina once again. Raghav and Naina land in police station because of Naina’s misunderstanding. Naina assumes Raghav is a terrorist. Inspector tells Raghav that the girl was mistaken and apologized to him. Raghav complaints against Naina. Raghav leaves and drives the car. Naina gets tired and faints in front of his car. He applies brakes and rushes to see her. He gets shocked seeing Naina. The man scolds Raghav for the accident. Raghav says I did not hit her, she fainted in front of my car. He lifts Naina and takes her for aid.



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