Rangeela to fall in big trouble in Ghulaam


Rangeela tells Shivani about his childhood memories. Shivani eats a toffee and tells Rangeela that she used to have same toffee in childhood by demanding for it, her uncle used to get it, but it was very much cheaper that time. She asks Rangeela about his likes and dislikes.

Rangeela’s childhood was upsetting. He tells Shivani what Veer did for him. He does not regret and tells her that Veer loves him and shared everything with him, though Veer did charity.


Shivani gets to know Rangeela better. She asks Rangeela why did he cheat her if he had to make her marry Veer. She is shattered. Rangeela says this is your problem, I was talking to you and sharing things to make your sleep away, and you started dancing on my head. Maldawadi comes there and gives them tea. She is against Shivani and adds sleeping pills in the tea. Shivani gives her cup of tea to Rangeela. How will Rangeela get affected by sleeping pills? Will Rangeela get punished by Veer again? Keep reading.


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