Blame games highlight Shivay and Tia’s sangeet in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Tia dance in their sangeet ceremony. They have a romantic dance. The couple compliments in matching attires. Shivay sees Anika to know her reaction. Shivay then dances with Anika. Anika does not realize what Shivay wants to convey her. Shivay holds Tia close and dances with her.

Anika gets jealous seeing him with Tia. She dances with someone else to make him jealous. Shivay wants to steal Tia’s necklace for Rumi’s sake. Rumi asked Shivay to steal Tia’s necklace if he wants the proof of Omkara’s illegitimacy truth. Shivay manages to get Tia’s necklace. He calls Rumi and asks her to meet her. Rumi in disguise of a waiter manages to leave from the mansion.

Anika sees Tia’s necklace missing and asks her. Tia tells Pinky that she lost her necklace. Pinky asks the security to find the necklace. Dadi says it was our ancestral necklace. Pinky scolds Anika and asks her to go and stand with staff, she will be checked too. Dadi says Anika is the house bahu, and Pinky can’t insult Anika for a necklace. She defends Anika’s respect. Pinky does not trust Anika. Shivay finds the necklace and tells Tia that she has been careless to drop the necklace. Shivay and Rumi are working together to trick Mrs. Kapoor and get the proof of Omkara’s truth.


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