Ashwin’s spirit to haunt Jhanvi in Beyhadh


Jhanvi thinks Ashwin is scaring her by becoming a ghost. The lights strike her eyes. The furniture in the house moves. Things begin to break. Ashwin’s picture frame moves. Jhanvi gets shivering in fear. Ashwin’s murder investigation is going on. Jhanvi started seeing Ashwin. She apologizes to Ashwin’s photo.

Maya and Arjun come home to find Jhanvi. They get Jhanvi injured and think what happened with her. Jhanvi is terrified. Jhanvi thinks Ashwin’s spirit is angry and wants revenge from her. She feels sorry and asks Ashwin to leave him. Maya comes to save Jhanvi. Maya worries seeing Jhanvi. Jhanvi wants to keep Maya away from her fears. Jhanvi attempts suicide, but Maya and Arjun save her.


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