Dev regrets for shallow relationships in Kuch Rang….


Sonakshi got Suhana home six years before, and no one has let Sonakshi enter the house, and now Sonakshi does not want anyone to meet her. Dev got to know Sonakshi getting Suhana home. Dev tells Ishwari why did she not let Suhana stay with them. Ishwari regrets and says I did not know Sonakshi got Suhana here.

She feels unfortunate to lose Suhana. Dev says I would have met Suhana and spent my life with her, but till now, I m staying this way. Ishwari says we will go and meet Suhana. Dev says no one will meet Suhana now, there are so much misunderstandings, fake relations and lies, if I m not able to understand, what will Suhana understand, what will I tell her, why did we not let Sonakshi come home, we will not pressurize Suhana and give her time, she can decide when she wants to come here, I m just glad that my daughter is fine and around me now. Ishwari cries.


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