TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman as Gulabo dances on Tamilian Baby Doll song with Ishita. Ishita and Gulabo dance happily in Shagun’s baby shower ceremony. Raman learns women’ moves from Ishita. Raman holds Ishita and makes her uncomfortable. Ishita calls Mihika to dance with them. Mihika joins them. Raman dances in high spirits. Divya sees Gulabo’s truth coming out and stops Raman. She goes on dance floor and asks him to come with her.

Beyhadh: Jhanvi thinks Ashwin’s ghost is troubling her. She asks Maya why did she come here. She asks her to leave. Maya refuses to leave. Arjun says everything will get fine. Jhanvi gets angry and stabs Arjun’s leg, asking him how can he put Maya in danger. Jhanvi beats Arjun and gets angry, so that she saves Maya. Maya gets too angry, but then calms down by understanding Jhanvi’s fragile mental state.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Modi family is doing good deeds by doing charity in the temple. Gopi has kept the puja on Shiv ratri. Pandit announces that Gopi will be giving Dakshina to all the snake charmers today. Kokila reaches the same temple and hides from police. Sita sees Kokila taking coins from the plate. Sita thinks she is thief and stops her. Kokila says sorry, forgive me, I m not a thief, I m helpless. Sita recognizes its Kokila Modi. Kokila runs away from there. Sita tries to follow her. Gopi, Jaggi and Sita will find Kokila and get her home.


Rangeela scolds Shivani. He says Veer is right, a wife does drama and ruins husband’s life, you act to love me and hate me from heart, I m just being silent, but your characterless doings won’t work on me, I will never get trapped by you, I hate such women.

Rangeela consumed the sleeping medicine in toffee and fell asleep. Veer has beaten up Rangeela for sleeping in Shivani’s room. Rangeela blames Shivani for giving him sleep medicines and misunderstands her.

P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke:

Yusuf plans to get Siddhant killed. Afreen is worried for her pregnancy. The things get more complicated for Afreen, when she hears Yusuf and her mother planning to kill Siddhant. Afreen could not tell them about Siddhant’s innocence. Everyone congratulate Vikram for becoming the new head of NSA. Siddhant seems to be unhappy. Siddhant upsets Vikram by his thinking. Imaan gets to know what Shaira did with Avi. He blames himself and feels bad to return home. Shobha makes Vikram ready for his first day of job in NSA. Afreen is secured by Siddhant’s helper, when Lala’s place gets attacked.


Devanshi stands in front of her statue, when Kusum Sundari aims the arrow to burn the statue. Vardaan saves Devanshi in nick of time. Devanshi is worried for Sakshi’s life and thinks to leave from Jwalapuri soon. Sakshi tells Devanshi that she wants to stay in their village. Doctor suggests Devanshi to let Sakshi get treated in Jwalapuri hospital. Devanshi agrees to stay back for Sakshi’s betterment. She manages to hide their true identities. Devanshi realizes everyone in the village hate her and regard her as a Daayan. She gets to know the reason behind their hatred.

Woh Apna Sa:

There is puja kept at home. Aditya does not want to tell the family about Nisha. Nisha plans something to stop Aditya and get the truth in some other way. Nisha acts to be perfect wife and perfect bahu. She dances in the ceremony. Maasa gets to know about Aditya filing for divorce, and slaps him in front of all the guests. Aditya understands Nisha has planned to tell elders about divorce to put entire blame on him.


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