Arjun’s big move to treat Jhanvi’s shock in Beyhadh


Jhanvi gets a pendrive and sees the proof that Maya has murdered Ashwin. She does not know if Maya is framing Jhanvi. She says Maya wanted to frame me in Ashwin’s murder, and today I will confront Maya if she has done all this by plotting against her and Ashwin. Jhanvi gets angry thinking why is Maya doing this.

Doctor sees Jhanvi’s madness getting high. He advises Arjun some solution and asks can you help Jhanvi. Arjun agrees to help Jhanvi. Doctor says Jhanvi believes Ashwin’s spirit has come back to take revenge from Maya, Ashwin’s spirit is angry, if you convince Jhanvi by making her talk to Ashwin’s spirit, if Ashwin tells her that he has forgiven Jhanvi and Maya, then Jhanvi can get fine. Arjun asks do you want me to do this. Doctor says there is no other way.

Police comes to arrest Jhanvi. Arjun stops inspector from arresting Jhanvi. Saanjh gives the Anticipatory bail. Arjun tells Maya that I told you Saanjh will save Jhanvi. Arjun gets a tantric home. Tantric checks the house and sees Ashwin’s picture. He says Ashwin knows me well, and understands that Ashwin has to leave from this house, else I would not leave him. Tantric asks Jhanvi to talk to Ashwin’s soul once. Jhanvi tells Arjun that she is not mad, Ashwin is really here and Maya has risk from Ashwin. Arjun tells Jhanvi that she is right, and he knows she is not mad. He pacifies her and fools that he can also see Ashwin. He asks the fake Tantric to convince Jhanvi that Ashwin’s soul has gone away. Will Arjun’s big move succeed to normalize Jhanvi? Keep reading.


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