Chakor and Imli to deploy new plan in Udaan


Imli and Vivaan argue. He asks Imli to talk to him with manners. Imli’s trust is breaking. Their love is getting weak. Vivaan explains Imli that he just manages Bhaiya ji’s accounts, he does not know anything about Bhaiya ji troubling Kasturi. Imli gets angry on Vivaan, knowing Bhaiya ji got Kasturi killed by the bomb. She feels Vivaan and Bhaiya ji have done this together.

Vivaan says Bhaiya ji does not reveal anything to me when I asked him. Imli tells Vivaan that fortunately Kasturi is alive. Chakor and Imli scold Vivaan.Vivaan asks Imli not to ask anything from next time, and they both can manage their work independently.


Chakor worries for Imli’s marriage relation shattering, and asks her not to fight with Vivaan every day. She says if your marriage breaks, Bhaiya ji and Ragini will influence Vivaan more.

They make a plan to break Bhaiya ji and Ragini’s evil combo. They know that Ragini likes Chagan since childhood and now she is getting attracted to Chagan more. They plan to use Chagan and turn Ragini against Bhaiya ji.


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