Supersitions and false beliefs track begins in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Yuvaan does not want to forgive Baby. He just keeps her at home as he wants her help to get Krishna. Saiyyam saves Krishna from getting hurt. He asks her to be more careful. She counts on him for everything. They have a moment. Krishna asks him to define their relation, when they don’t have friendship and love in their marriage. Saiyyam could not tell anything. Saiyyam tells her that relations which are kept without any name are much better. Krishna gets new hopes.

Dadi asks Baby to leave from the house, but Suhani defends Baby. Dadi does not want to keep Aarti at home till Baby is present between them. Suhani and family have mixed opinions regarding Baby. Dadi punishes Baby to make traditional clay diyas, and also keep Nirjala fast so that they can know if Baby realized her mistake and repents for her evil doings.

Baby accepts the punishment. She fails to make clay diyas. Krishna thinks to help Baby, but Saiyyam stops her. Saiyyam is happy that Baby is paying for her deeds. Suhani helps Baby in making diyas. Yuvani and Rags trouble Baby by showing her food, while Baby is fasting. Baby’s dupatta catches fire and she falls in risk. Suhani saves Baby by getting her hands burnt. Baby feels sorry and realizes her mistake to do bad with Birla family.


Suhani requests Dadi to allow Baby to stay with them. Dadi gives another chance to Baby. Baby gets forgiveness by Suhani. Baby and Krishna help each other in work. Baby tells Krishna about Saiyyam’s likes. Dadi falls in superstitions and decides to get a miraculous Baba home. Suhani calls that man fraud, while Dadi and Bhavna get blind in false beliefs. How will Suhani and Yuvraaj explain Dadi and stop her from bringing Baba home? Keep reading.


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