Maya to show up new colors in Beyhadh


Vandana came to temple to explain Maya. Maya holds her hand. Vandana asks her to leave her hand and pushes Maya. Vandana unknowingly slaps Maya. Maya gets angry and gets a sickle to attack Vandana.

Vandana gets a big shock and shouts Maya. Saanjh gets tensed for Vandana and stops Maya. Everyone sees the Saas-Bahu fight in temple. Vandana tells Maya that Arjun got trapped in the murder case because of Maya. Maya is also regretting that Arjun is away from her. Maya can go to any extent to get Arjun. Maya can’t bear any insult. She scares Vandana. She then acts and gives the sickle to Vandana.

She asks Vandana to kill her and end the problems. She says I can’t leave Arjun, and you can’t see me with Arjun, better kill me. Maya feels everyone wants to make her away from Arjun. She begs to Vandana to either let her live with Arjun or kill her. She says Arjun is my life. Vandana knows Maya well. She asks is Maya’s drama over, did you people see I m so bad and torturing Maya, while my bahu Maya is helpless, Arjun is mad in Maya’s love, but I keep my eyes open, because I love Arjun. She scolds Maya. Maya maintains her cool and leaves from the temple.


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