Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita gets saved from Niddhi’s plan. Raman helps Ishita and holds her on time, when she slips by the oily floor. Niddhi gets angry on Gulabo. Mani gets too troubled by Niddhi. He threatens to kill Niddhi to get rid of her. Ishita and Mani make a plan to invite Gulabo and her husband for dinner. Raman asks Romi to help him and arrange a fake husband for Gulabo. A man meets Ishita as Gulabo’s husband. Raman worries when more actors come to do fake husband’s role. Raman tensely explains the long story to Shagun and Ishita.

Dil Boley Oberoi:

Gauri takes a new look and identity to get a job at Oberoi mansion. She lands there to meet Shwetlana to join as her personal assistant. Omkara fools Shwetlana and tells her that he will just marry her and that too in a proper way by following all rituals. Shwetlana gets surprised. Omkara flirts with Shwetlana to trick her in his words. Shwetlana hugs Omkara. Gauri gets to know from security guard that Shwetlana is going to get married. Gauri thinks of Omkara. Omkara gets some time to find an evidence against Shwetlana. He wants to make sure that Shwetlana will lose Tej and money at once.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira celebrates with her family and dances in her haldi. She imagines dancing with Kartik. Naksh finds Naitik upset and does dance on Naagin song to cheer him up. Kartik’s family comes there and sees Naksh. Everyone laugh on Naksh for donning a ghunghat. Bhabhimaa welcomes them for haldi ceremony. The haldi function goes on well, but Baisa gets into an argument with Kartik’s Dadi. Kartik’s family stays back and sees Naira’s haldi. Mansi sees Akshara’s pic and feels guilty. She hears Naitik talking on phone about Akshara’s murderer running from the jail. Mansi panics and sinks in more guilt. Mansi feels fear of getting away from her family, and creating hurdle in Kartik’s happiness.


Anika welcomes Shivay for his marriage. She takes him to the mandap by showering flowers in his way. Dadi asks Shivay to think once again. Mrs. Kapoor asks Shivay to sign the divorce papers before marrying Tia. Pinky says decision is already taken and asks Shivay to just sign the papers. Shivay signs the papers, shocking Anika. Pinky goes to welcome the pandit. Anika gets hurt by Shivay’s step. Mrs. Kapoor asks Tia not to spoil their plan by any stupidity. She explains Tia to forget Dushyant and marry Shivay.


Naina meets Indu/Dadi when she goes to give medicines to her. Dadi gets critical. Naina worries for her and admits her in hospital. Raghav is busy and does not get ready to give the interview, as he has to meet Dadi. Pandey lies to Raghav about Naina. Naina gets to know that Dadi is out of danger. Doctor says its positive sign that her brain reacted, she can come out of coma.


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