Huge drama knocks KaiRa’s marriage in Yeh Rishta…

Kartik and Naira to unite

Kartik could not face Naira after knowing Mansi’s truth. Dadi asks Naitik not to worry, she will tell Manish to help them in Akshara’s case. Naksh asks Naitik to concentrate on Naira’s marriage. Akhilesh gets to know Ajay has run away from jail and calls Vijay to scold him. He gets a shock on seeing Kartik. Kartik confronts Akhilesh for hiding the truth. Akhilesh admits Mansi has done the crime and he was helpless to hide it.

Akhilesh says I could not tell anyone and cared for your happiness. Kartik asks Akhilesh how can he be selfish to save Mansi and hide truth. He asks what was the happy thing, when Singhanias blamed him and Naira got annoyed with him. He asks Akhilesh why did he not tell truth before. He says I would have taken Mansi’s blame on me if you told me, or we would have apologized to Singhanias, they would have forgiven us, but now it will be worse. Akhilesh says it would be worse if Mansi got arrested.

Manish helps Naitik and calls police commissioner. Singhanias could not console Naira, but Suwarna reaches Naira to console her. Naksh gets news that Ajay got caught by police. They all get relieved. Akhilesh says I was quiet thinking of Mansi, you and Naira’s future, I thought once this charge gets away, I would tell truth to you, I loved you as my son.

Akhilesh explains Kartik that he just took a step being a father. Kartik asks why did you hide truth. Akhilesh says I have done right, Ajay needed money and did this deal. Kartik asks what about justice which Naira and her family wanted for Akshara. Akhilesh says what would happen if I told about Mansi, would Naira marry you. Kartik asks is this marriage dependent on this lie. Akhilesh says this relations is on love, let this marriage happen. Kartik refuses and tells he would tell truth to Naira. Akhilesh tries stopping Kartik and slaps him. He asks Kartik to think of everyone and come to senses. Kartik says I know the pain to lose a mother. Naksh and Naitik tell Naira that Ajay got caught by police. They all continue the marriage preparations. Kartik explains Akhilesh that Naira will hate him and everyone if she knows truth after marriage. He wants to leave decision on Singhanias. Akhilesh asks him to do anything, but let the marriage happen. Kartik refuses to Akhilesh and heads to Naira to break the shocking truth to her.


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