Jhanvi’s suicide to shock Maya-Arjun in Beyhadh


Maya and Arjun talk to inspector. Maya complaints about Jhanvi gone missing. Arjun says Jhanvi’s state is not good. Inspector says I can understand, she lost her husband. Saanjh says we have to file a missing report. Inspector asks Saanjh to think well, as he can interrogate Arjun for the same.

Inspector arrests Arjun and asks him to come for interrogation. Arjun gets trapped. Maya stops inspector and can’t see Arjun in trouble. She wants to rescue Arjun by anything. Jhanvi commits suicide. She jumps down the building and falls over a car. Jhanvi gets injured. Jhanvi’s suicide move will trouble Arjun now. Will Jhanvi survive? Keep reading.


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