Kartik attempts to make the big revelation in Yeh Rishta….


Goenkas sympathize with Naira’s family who has to bear such shocking sorrow in such happy time. Manish sees Kartik running to meet Naira. Kartik goes to meet Naira, but the family does not let him meet her. Naitik and everyone feel lucky to get such good son in law. Kartik gets emotional. Naitik asks Kartik to get ready for marriage. Naksh sends Kartik. Kartik feels burdened by guilt.

Suwarna and Manish wish the best for Kartik and Naira. She asks him about the pagdi he made for Kartik. He asks her to have patience and see, there can’t be anything better than that. Kirti asks them about Mansi. Surekha worries.

Kartik takes Mishti’s help to meet Naira. Akhilesh looks for Kartik and Mansi, to stop them from revealing truth. Manish asks Akhilesh about Mansi. Akhilesh makes excuses. Mishti asks Naira to meet Kartik once, he has some urgent work. Naira goes to meet Kartik. They do not see each other as haldi rasam has happened. Naira asks Kartik to hurry up and say the matter. Kartik falls weak to tell the truth.

Naira asks him why is he worried. He says I really love you. Naira laughs and tells him that they were waiting for this day since long. She fears that something wrong can happen, but they have parents’ blessings. He feels more burdened when Naira misses Akshara and expresses her wish to have Akshara with them in this moment. She professes her love for Kartik. He tells about Akshara’s culprit. She tells him that police has caught up Ajay, and that culprit will be punished. He wants to tell about Mansi. Baisa interrupts them. Kartik leaves. Baisa asks Naira and Kartik not to meet till marriage. Naira does some pre marriage rituals with her family. Kartik and everyone find Mansi and wake her up. Mansi speaks up about Akshara’s accident. The family does not understand. Naitik and Naksh come to see Mansi. Akhilesh stops Kartik from telling anything to Naitik and Naksh.


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