Omkara gets doubtful about Chulbul in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara announces his Roka with Shwetlana. Gauri could not bear the shock, but becomes a silent witness. Omkara tries to make Shwetlana wear shagun bangles, but a rat bites Shwetlana. She gets back and the bangles rolls to Gauri. Gauri picks it and gives to Omkara. Omkara finally makes Shwetlana wear the ancestral bangle. Omkara hurts Tej by his remarks. He makes Shwetlana take Tek’s blessings. Tej angrily leaves. Shwetlana likes Omkara’s surprise and thanks him. She asks Chulbul to stay in Omkara’s room. No one could see Gauri’s tears. Gauri feels a new fight is beginning in her life. She feels sorrowful to see Omkara remarrying. She does not want to become burden on him. She asks Lord to help her. Shwetlana calls Chulbul to spy on Omkara.

Gauri asks about Omkara and Shwetlana’s relation. Shwetlana angrily asks Chulbul to stay in limits. She says when a girl gets married, she has many concerns in heart, so she wants to know what Omkara thinks about her. She lies to Gauri that she worries for Omkara. Gauri says if I m around Omkara always, he will feel irritated. Shwetlana reminds Gauri her loyalties towards her boss first.

Gauri lands in Omkara’s room on Shwetlana’s insistence. Gauri helps Omkara, saying its her duty to help him. Gauri sees Omkara and his brothers’ picture. Omkara asks Chulbul to sleep on couch. He asks for some help to apply the ointment to his back wound. Gauri gets a shock seeing Omkara undressing. Omkara tells about the back wound. Gauri realizes Omkara got hit during the fight, when he saved her from Kaali Thakur’s goons. Gauri applies ointment to Omkara. He feels a current by her touch. Gauri goes to sleep. Omkara doubts on himself for feeling current by a guy’s touch. After Omkara sleeps, Gauri goes out of her room. She gets caught in power cables and reacts. Omkara hears her and recalls Gauri. She gets doubtful about Chulbul. Keep reading.


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