Chakor’s longing for Suraj; Imli to play cupid in Udaan


Chakor misses Suraj. She realizes her feelings for Suraj. Chakor sees Suraj everywhere and smiles. She gets bored being alone. She checks Suraj’s jacket and thinks of him. She finds the jacket stinking and thinks who will wash the jacket. She thinks what happened to her, why is she missing Suraj so much. She feels emptiness and wants Suraj to miss her too. Chakor thinks to meet Suraj on Holi. Chakor thinks of Suraj all day. Suraj has entered Chakor’s heart.

She does not go to meet Suraj, being helpless. Ragini stops Chakor from going to village. Ragini made Chakor and Suraj agree that they will not meet till Holi. They both miss each other. Imli sees Chakor restless and teases Chakor, asking her about staying away from Suraj for 3 days. Chakor burns her dress mistakenly.

Chakor tells Imli that she forgot she was ironing the dress. Imli asks Chakor will she stay well without burning anything. Imli plays cupid and makes Suraj and Chakor realize that they are missing each other. Imli asks Chakor not to worry, and takes her message to Suraj. Suraj promises to meet Chakor on holi. Will Chakor understand her longing for Suraj? Keep reading.


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