Varmala twist in KaiRa’s marriage in Yeh Rishta….


Naksh keeps the varmala ready. The hungry camel sees the varmala kept on table and starts eating the flowers. Naksh comes there and gets shocked. Naksh worries as the camel ate the varmala. Naksh was not getting varmala at first and then the camel eats the garlands. Naksh says how shall I get varmala now, whenever I try to do something good, something wrong happens.

Naitik worries and says these last minute problems always occur, go and arrange varmala somehow. Naira comes there and asks Naksh and Naitik not to worry. Singhania women pacify Naitik and sit to personally make the garlands. The women make the varmala ready. Kartik and Naira exchange garlands. Kartik teases Naira before putting varmala in her neck. Kartik and Naira’s families welcome each other.


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