Akhilesh hinders Kartik from breaking the truth in Yeh Rishta….

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Kartik could not reveal the truth to Naira. He tries to confide with Naksh, but fails. Kartik imagines meeting Naira and telling her the truth about Mansi doing Akshara’s accident. Naira breaks all relations with Kartik, after knowing Mansi snatched her mother. Kartik defends Mansi and says it was her big mistake, but it was unintentional. Naira gets angry on him for breaking her trust. She calls him a liar and shouts that she hates Kartik. She tells Kartik that she will get Mansi punished. She punishes Kartik by asking him to forget her now.

Kartik fears to lose Naira, but thinks to leave decision on Naira. Dadi gifts a new wedding dress to Naira. Naira wants to wear the bridal dress which Akshara made for her. Dadi tells her that this dress has her blessings. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa worry as Akshara wanted Naira to wear the dress she made for her, which has Akshara’s blessings. They all fall in dilemma. Naira gets upset. Baisa asks Naira not to annoy Dadi.

Kartik calls Naira, while she sits crying and deciding which dress to wear in marriage. Naira answers his call. Kartik asks him to meet him urgently. Naira feels worried. Naksh talks to Akshara’s picture and misses her. He tries to do Akshara’s part of duties. Naksh gains strength from Akshara.

Akhilesh stops Kartik from meeting Naira. They have a talk about the accident truth. Kartik wants to break the truth to Naira. Surekha asks Kartik to come and get ready. She does not leave Kartik. Manish gets to hear Akhilesh’s truth and gets hugely disappointed. Manish slaps Akhilesh. He asks Akhilesh how could he hide such big matter. Akhilesh tries to give an explanation. Manish asks him to think of consequences, Akshara was Naira’s mother, who held high value in Singhania family. Naira and Kartik fail to meet.

Manish feels this time Akhilesh’s mistake is too big. Akhilesh apologizes to him. Manish says Kartik never supports wrong, how will you stop the truth from coming out, did you think what will happen, how will Singhanis react. He realizes Kartik fell in sandstorm because he could not bear the shocking truth. He asks Akhilesh if anything happened to Kartik. Akhilesh gets scared thinking. Naira reaches there to meet Kartik. Akhilesh stops her from meeting Kartik.


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