Simar to limit Vaidehi’s ploys in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush dances with Vaidehi. He gets the holi colors and applies to Vaidehi. Vaidehi gets the sindoor in a plate and asks Piyush to fill her hairline. Piyush tries to fill Vaidehi’s maang. Simar reminds Piyush his values and slaps him. She throws the colors and asks him can he apply sindoor to anyone. She says sindoor is very much important for a wife, and no other woman has right on it. She scolds Piyush.

She gets Piyush to senses and asks him how can he do such big mistake, when his wife Roshni is with him. Roshni gets Simar’s support. Piyush explains Simar. Simar asks him to just shut up and leave. Piyush respects Simar and their relation. He keeps up Simar’s words and goes. Simar shows the exit way to Vaidehi and sends her. Simar celebrates Holi with family.



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