Anika gets disturbed by Daksh’s presence in Ishqbaaz

Anika's aunt gets angry on losing the shelter once again in Ishqbaaz

Priyanka and Ranveer’s Roka gets in full swing. Pinky sends Anika to get the coconut from storeroom. Daksh comes in Anika’s way. Anika gets disturbed seeing him. Anika goes to the storeroom and gets scared of darkness. She recalls how Daksh has tortured her and instilled fear in her. Shivay comes there and holds Anika, while she gets terrified. Shivay finds Anika in a vulnerable state. Anika hugs Shivay and cries.

Shivay asks Anika not to worry, Daksh won’t trouble her. He asks Anika to trust him, he will always protect her. He says I will stand as a wall between you and Daksh. Anika tells him that Daksh is mad and can do anything. He says Daksh does not know what I can do. He tells her that she is very important for him. He asks her not to cry.

Daksh enjoys seeing this situation, that Shivay is desperate to get Priyanka married to Ranveer, as she is pregnant. He thinks to attempt to break the alliance and play a game with Shivay. Anika dreams Daksh attempting to sink her in the bath tub by tying her. Shivay pacifies her. Anika tells Shivay about her bad dream. Shivay assures her safety. She asks him to realize, Daksh is very clever. She worries that Daksh could make them away. Shivay consoles her and says this time nothing will happen, we are together now, entire world can’t harm us. Anika believes Shivay. He asks her not to get scared of Daksh from now on. Anika gets determined to face her fears and face Daksh. Shivay makes her promise. Daksh threatens Shivay and tells him to think of his family. Daksh tries to break Priyanka’s pregnancy news to everyone. Will Shivay stop Daksh from his mean games? Keep reading.


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