Chakor executes her plan against Bhaiya ji in Udaan


Chakor plans to break Bhaiya ji and Ragini’s unity. She asks Chagan to instigate Ragini against Bhaiya ji. She asks Imli to inform Bhaiya ji somehow that Kasturi got saved because of Ragini. Imli and Chagan purposely talk about Ragini helping in saving Kasturi’s life. Bhaiya ji gets to hear their conversation and understands that Ragini has sent Chagan to save Kasturi. He gets angry on Ragini and thinks to confront her.

Chakor gets upset when Suraj does not get any job from the villagers. Suraj’s confidence starts breaking. Chakor asks a lady to trust Suraj and manages to find a job for Suraj. Suraj does not know that Chakor helped him in getting a job. Chakor puts more efforts to help Suraj.

Suraj tells Chakor that he does not know how the villager came to him with a job. Chakor acts of not knowing anything about it. She wants Suraj to feel confident and self-sufficient. Bhaiya ji calls Ragini and confronts her about saving Kasturi.

Suraj helps a little kid from getting hurt. The lady asks Suraj to take care of her kids in her absence, while she goes to do work. Chakor and Suraj start missing each other.


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