Devanshi — Devanshi rescues Sakshi


Devanshi scolds Vardaan for making Sakshi drink the wine. Vardaan and Sakshi get drunk and create big scene at home. Nutan comes there and gets shocked seeing Devanshi and Vardaan closer. The villagers make this a big issue, but Vardaan manages to send them away. Sakshi’s state makes Devanshi fall in trouble.

Sakshi goes missing. Devanshi worries for Sakshi and leaves from the house to find her. Kusum Sundari gets angered knowing about the growing proximity of Vardaan and Devanshi. She gets to know Vardaan shifted to Devanshi’s house. Devanshi and Vardaan get together to find Sakshi. Devanshi ends up arguing with him, and takes a route alone.

Devanshi cries and looks for Sakshi everywhere. A man spots Devanshi and asks her whom is she finding. Devanshi describes her sister Sakshi and asks him if he has seen her anywhere. The man tells Devanshi that he has seen Sakshi. He offers her help. Devanshi sits in his car, when he promises her to take her to Sakshi. The man badly eyes Devanshi and kidnaps her. Devanshi falls in trouble.

Vardaan saves Devanshi from the bad guy. They search for Sakshi. Kusum Sundari asks her brother to find Sakshi before Devanshi gets her. Vardaan and Devanshi have a romantic moment while they search for Sakshi. They worry for Sakshi. Finally, Vardaan and Devanshi save Sakshi, but they themselves fall in trouble. Devanshi uses her smartness and saves Sakshi and Vardaan. They trio lands back in Jwalapuri. Nutan keeps a plan ready to trouble Devanshi. Who will come to help Devanshi this time? Keep reading.


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