Piyaa Albela: Pooja meets Naren


Pooja is given the job to take care of Naren. Naren’s father asks Pooja to bring Naren from his world to their world. Pooja gets the task to break Naren’s Tapasya. Pooja is unknown to her future. It is tough for Pooja to understand Naren. She is instructed to take food for Naren.

Naren does Tapasya by lying on the ice slabs. Pooja comes there. She sees Naren doing tapasya. She stares at him and slips down the stairs. Naren gets disturbed seeing Pooja falling. He does not leave the Tapasya. She did not know Naren will be disturbed. She fears of Naren’s anger. Pooja and Naren meet for the first time.


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