Kartik and Naira: The newly weds….


Kartik and Naira finally get married. The marriage rasams get completed. Naitik did Naira’s kanyadaan, Naksh did their ghatbandhan. Kartik and Naira took the wedding rounds. Naira has become Goenka’s bahu. Suwarna is happy to welcome Suwarna. She hopes Kartik stays with them forever. Kartik and Naira take Dadi’s blessings. Manish and Suwarna bless them. They are happy to come closer to Kartik. Things are getting fine between them and Kartik. Naira makes Kartik greet his parents and touch their feet. Kartik did not wish to touch Manish’s feet. But, he had to do so for Naira’s happiness. Suwarna thinks to always support Naira, and they could spread happiness at home.

Mishti and Gayu steal the shoes, and asks Kartik for nek. Naira asks Kartik to wear his sandals, or give money to them. The shoes disappear from Lav and Kush. Gayu asks Kartik for much nek. Naira supports Gayu. They all have a fun moment. Everyone dance around Kartik and Naira. The newly weds also dance with the family.

Kartik and Naira have become life partners for seven births. Naitik and Naira get emotional when the bidaai mahurat comes. Kartik and Manish console Naitik and Naira. Naksh tells Naira that she got more closer to their heart now. Naira hugs Naitik and cries. Naira is upset as she will be leaving her family and entering a new family. She is tensed thinking how will she adjust in Goenka family, will she be able to support Kartik well. Naitik wishes her all the best and with a heavy heart, he blesses her to go and keep Goenka family always united. Naira is taking many memories and tips from everyone to keep her inlaws happy.


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