Tej attempt to kill Jhanvi fails in Dil Boley Oberoi


Tej gets the wine bottles delivered at home. Shivay comes to Omkara’s room to meet Chulbul. Gauri dressed in normal attires, hides her face and talks to Shivay. He says I wanted to talk about Chulbul and Omkara. Gauri gets a shock. He asks who are you. She says I work here. She touches Shivay’s feet to take his blessing. Gauri goes to bathroom to take Chulbul’s getup. She meets Shivay. Shivay asks are you Chulbul. He does not find any special thing in Chulbul as Rudra said Omkara is attracted to Chulbul. He says I just wanted to see whom Omkara hired. Gauri says I know you love Omkara a lot, I will take care of him very well. Shivay asks Chulbul to take care just normal way. Gauri gets puzzled and does not understand what Shivay wanted to say.

Gauri sees the huge statue and does not know wine bottles are inside. Jhanvi talks to Gauri about the fights affecting Omkara. She asks Gauri to take care of Omkara. Gauri touches her feet and takes blessings. Gauri gets to know Omkara’s family better. Gauri gets the statue to Omkara’s room. Omkara wakes up and sees the statue. Gauri says this belongs to you. Omkara tells Gauri that he did not order any statue, as he makes statues himself.

Omkara asks Jhanvi did Tej do anything again. She asks him to lessen his fights with Tej. She feels hurt seeing her family breaking. Omkara gets to know Tej has gone to Shwetlana’s room. Shwetlana scolds Chulbul. She asks Chulbul to monitor Omkara and give information. She gives the Amla and asks Chulbul to feed this to Omkara even today. Gauri recalls the drugged Amla and refuses.

Omkara goes to Tej and asks him why did he go to Shwetlana’s room. Tej says Jhanvi occupied my room, so I went to Shwetlana, she was my mistress before. Omkara reminds that Shwetlana is Tej’s would be bahu now. Tej clears that Jhanvi and his relation ended. They get into a heated argument again. Jhanvi asks Omkara to end the fight. Shwetlana sees Omkara and Tej fighting. She drops the statue down and helps Tej in his plan. Tej breaks the wine bottles and tries to burn Jhanvi. He does not let Omkara come in between and pushes him away. Gauri comes to Jhanvi’s rescue and catches the burning matchstick in her hand. Tej attempts to burn Jhanvi again. Omkara gets hurt, but tries to stop Tej. Bua comes there in nick of time, and gives a tight slap to Tej to get him back to senses. Jhanvi gets saved.


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