Guilt stricken Vivaan falls in false belief in Udaan


Ranjana begs to Ragini and asks her to leave Vivaan. She says the goons were fighting and misbehaving with me, what would Vivaan do, he had no option than to kill the goon. She tells Ragini that the goons came to ask about Ragini, Vivaan could not even kill an ant, he has killed a man in defence. Vivaan sits in shock.

Ragini tells Vivaan that he did not do wrong, any son would do the same to save his mum’s respect. Vivaan says I have killed the man. He feels much guilty. She says no, I have told you anyone would have done that, your problem is my problem, go home, I will see about dumping the dead body, I will make sure that inspector does not get hold of you. Vivaan thanks her for the favor and hugs her. Ragini says what favor, you are my brother, I had to do this, its my duty. Ranjana asks Vivaan not to worry. Ranjana and Ragini put Vivaan under the burden of guilt and their favor, so that he never leaves supporting them.

Ranjana got to know about Chakor, Chagan and Imli’s plan to divide Bhaiya ji and Ragini by their schemes. She goes to haveli and alerts Bhaiya ji and Ragini about Chakor’s plan. She tells them that now Chakor will try to get Vivaan on their side. Ranjana makes a plan to fail Chakor in her own plans. She is sure that Vivaan will not go against Ragini now, after their masterplan working in their favor. Keep reading.


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