Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira’s pre-wedding rituals go on. Aditya gets angered seeing Kirti performing a ritual. Naksh tries to defend Kirti. Aditya scolds Naksh. Aditya does not allow Kirti to do any ritual. Naitik blesses Kirti and realizes her dilemma. Kirti does the ritual. Naira is made to do the pre-wedding rituals. She feels she is going away from family and does not want to do any ritual. Elders insist and want to live every moment with Naira. Kartik too does the rituals before stepping in new life. He promises Naitik that he will always love Naira till his last breath.


Armaan blackmails Raghav about Ira. Veer and Armaan are together to threaten Raghav and seek his property share. Armaan keeps a condition, asking Raghav to give half of his business shares. Naina makes a plan to reach Raghav and find out the proof he is hiding. She makes work excuse and takes along Pandey to Raghav’s house. Raghav asks Armaan to give the proof as he has kept his promise. Armaan asks Raghav to think well. Raghav signs the papers and gives half of his business shares to Armaan. Armaan asks Raghav to read the papers well. Sudha stops Naina from meeting Raghav.

Dil Boley Oberoi:

Tej’s Bua stops him from killing Jhanvi. Shwetlana gets argues with Bua. Bua introduces herself. Shwetlana finds tough to give her introduction. Bua insults Shwetlana. Bua asks Jhanvi to take rest and not worry for Tej. She gets angry on Tej for his doings. She says Tej does not deserve any blessings, the person who can kill wife is not called a man. She is very much hurt by Tej’s doings. She orders Shwetlana to keep her luggage in her room. Omkara enjoys seeing Shwetlana getting a good dose. Gauri takes Bua’s blessings.


Kamini tells everyone about the married couples blessing Priyanka and making her wear the chunri as part of the ritual. Tej and Jhanvi bless Priyanka and adorn her with the chunri. Shakti and Pinky too grace Priyanka by their blessings. Jhanvi asks Shivay and Anika to come for the ritual. Kamini stops Shivay and Anika, and makes it clear that just married couples can be part of the ritual. She remarks Shivay. Jhanvi says Shivay and Anika got married.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita doubts that someone is behind the conspiracy to separate her and Raman by all the wrong happenings. Mani is glad that Ishita has high belief in Raman, and their love is very strong to withstand all such plottings by Niddhi. Even then, Mani is troubled knowing Niddhi is after all this. Mani could not tell Ishita anything. Romi fails to get Raman’s bail done. Raman gets bailed out, and wonders who did his bail. Romi tells him about the office problem.


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