Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Devanshi drinks much bhaang in Holi and dances with Vardaan. She teases him. Vardaan laughs hearing her silly talk. Devanshi tells Vardaan the truth that she is real Devanshi, she is not Sakshi. Vardaan gets a big shock.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Prem and Simar are getting separated. They meet for the final time. Prem hugs Simar and cries. His life has risk. He asks her to take care and wants to go away from the family to secure them. Roshni stops Piyush from going to Vaidehi. He asks her not to worry for his family, and leaves from home. Piyush insults her, assuming her concern for him and his family is fake. Roshni fails to stop him and cries.


Chakor and Imli want to keep Bhaiya ji away from haveli. They both have a task to do and hide from Ranjana. Imli has to safeguard the kids. Chakor says I have sent Bhaiya ji telling him that villagers want to talk to him. Suraj had to take care of the kids, but kids entered the haveli to take their parents’ ring snatched by Bhaiya ji. Chakor and Imli send the kids out of the haveli cleverly. Chakor and Suraj do not meet, so that villages can celebrate Holi. Suraj takes the kids from haveli. Chakor and Suraj feel each other’s presence, and hold the wall being at either sides.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni does not like everyone playing holi the dull way. Teni throws colored water on everyone. She begins dancing and celebrates Holi in high spirits. She throws water on everyone. She asks them not to feel bad, as its Holi. Bhanushali family elders don’t like this. Teni drinks bhaang and makes everyone dance with her. Parth and Shorvori also enjoy the dance. The holi gets very different because of Teni.


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