High Five Spoilers

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Naamkarann: Riya and Neil get engaged. Avni dances in the function. Avni makes everyone dance along. Neil’s parents are very happy. Neil is surprised seeing Avni and thinks why did she come here. She has come to break the engagement and trouble Dayavanti. She swaps the real bangles with fake ones. Neil takes the bangles to make Riya wear it. The bangles break. Neil asks Dayavanti for an answer as his mum has sent real gold bangles for Riya. They all do not understand how the bangles turned fake. Everyone think where did real bangles go. Neil gets a new case in hand to solve this mystery.


Arjun and Maya’s romance will be seen. They are celebrating their soon arriving happiness. Maya’s dream of having a lovely family is getting completed. Arjun loves Maya more, after knowing her pregnancy news. Both of them are very happy in their own small world. Saanjh’s call breaks their romance. Arjun tells Maya that he has to leave. Arjun lies to Maya about Saanjh. Nothing is hidden to Maya. She does not like Arjun meeting Saanjh often. Maya is lying to Maya for her happiness. He is planning a surprise for Maya.


AdthNageshwar Maharaj entered Berahampur to bring twists in Veer, Rangeela and Shivani’s lives. After a long time, happiness will be seen celebrated in the crime city. Veer’s family believes in Maharaj ji. They make Maharaj ji sit on the throne and pay him respect.


Virendra and Shivdutt are finding the magical key. Chandrakanta faints. Virendra cares for him. Tej Singh will make an entry, he is the head of Ayyars. Shivdutt and Virendra get into a showdown. Tej Singh came to support Shivdutta, when Virendra was commanding him. Tej Singh will create hurdles for Virendra. Shivdutt makes Virendra captive.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:

Priyam gets attacked by Choti Maa. She wanted to get his truth out. Gitanjali reaches there and saves Priyam. Choti Maa was expecting Priyam to say truth. Gitanjali and Rajveer get engaged. Rajveer loves Gitanjali and wants to save her from someone cheating her.


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