New web of problems spins up for Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay’s Tashan moments continue, which surprise Omkara and Rudra after a long time. Anika teases Shivay and answers him for an unexpected reaction. Omkara and Rudra laugh on Shivay. Shivay throws water on Rudra and Omkara. A cool moment between brothers follows.

Pinky is worried after knowing the kinners are coming to alert them about some problem. Shakti asks her not to worry. Pinky tells Dadi that Anika has gone out with Shivay. Jhanvi asks Pinky not to feel bad. The Oberois have the visitors. Tej gets angered seeing the kinners. Pinky stops Tej and tells him that she called kinners from Haridwar, they have come to bless Priyanka. Tej asks them to get out of house.

A kinner alerts them about the dangers over Oberoi house. The kinner asks Priyanka to have courage. Tej moves the kinner away from Priyanka. Kinner asks Pinky to alert Shivay, and ask him to be care for next ten days, which can call any problem. Pinky worries and asks for some solution. Kinner tells them about Shivay going to get trapped in a big plotting. Tej asks Pinky not to believe this nonsense. Tej humiliates the kinners and shows them the door. Tej shoves away the kinner. Shivay comes home and holds the kinner to support. Kinner warns Shivay and asks him not to believe anything and see truth in the mirror of lies. Shivay does not understand anything. Just then, Soumya makes an entry home. What is Soumya upto? Keep reading.


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