Shivika to unite Rudra and Soumya in Ishqbaaz


Priyanka falls in myth that Ranveer really loves her. Ranveer comes to meet Priyanka and breaks her peace and happiness. He gives her the bangles sent by Kamini. She thanks him for supporting her and standing for her respect. Ranveer shows his true face and tells her that he has done a drama to show Shivay. He acts sweet in front of Shivay and shows he cares for Priyanka.

Ranveer threatens Priyanka and asks her to pay for his sister’s tears. He clears out that he does not love her. He is marrying Priyanka as he madly hates her. Shivay happens to pass by. Ranveer starts his drama. He convinces Shivay by his fake care and love. Shivay gets sure that Ranveer is right life partner for Priyanka.

Rudra pulls Shivay’s leg. Shivay tells Rudra about Ranveer and Priyanka’s relationship. Rudra gets sad that Priyanka will be leaving from home. He gets emotional. He reminds Shivay. Shivay wishes Priyanka stays happy with Ranveer. Rudra does not like marriage.

Shivay tells Rudra that marriage has no problem, the real problem lies in finding the right life partner. He says when person gets a right life partner, life becomes beautiful. Rudra gets surprised that Shivay’s version on marriage has changed. Shivay tells Rudra about marriage’s real meaning. Rudra thinks of Soumya and turns upset. Shivay does not understand what happened to Rudra. Anika says Rudra would be missing Soumya, their story is incomplete. She asks him to complete Rudra and Soumya’s story. Shivay and Anika decide to get Soumya back home. Are they inviting any new troubles? Keep reading.


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