Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni’s drama


Dada ji has got Teni home. Teni tells everyone that Dada ji asked you to take care of me well. She does not know to use kettle. She gets a glass and drinks tea in her unique way. Parth comes there to stop Teni’s stupidity. Shorvori has gone to US with Dada ji and Dadi ji. Dada ji tells about a woman getting a surrogate to get a child, but the surrogate did not give them the child, the surrogate killed the woman and ran away with the child, our values and heart do not agree for such things. Dadi ji says its fine, this is not happening in our house.

Shorvori gets worried. Dada ji says I m praying nothing such happens in our house. Dadi ji says we will be going back home tomorrow, Parth would be worried without his wife. Teni’s drama does not end. Teni does not get sleep on the bed in room. She sleeps on the dining table and keeps a table fan. She tells Parth that she gets scared in silence and does not get sleep. She asks why do they waste space for everything. Parth understands her problems, that she can’t find the house similar to her place.

He wishes Shorvori comes back soon, as he is unable to handle Teni. He apologizes to Teni and tells her that he will fix noisy table fan in her room. Parth video chats with Shorvori and tells her that he is following her instructions and taking care of their child. Teni enters their room and talks to Shorvori. Parth and Teni miss Shorvori. Teni asks Shorvori to show US on videochat. Teni and Parth chat with Shorvori. Teni leaves asking them to continue their romantic talk. Parth and Shorvori will be changing Teni.


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