High Five Spoilers

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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai: Gitanjali and Rajveer are getting engaged. Rishabh hugs Rajveer. Rishabh is happy for Gitanjali. Kavya takes Rajveer along. Rajveer and Gitanjali watch a documentary about Abhimanyu and Gitanjali’s love story. Rishabh and Rajveer turn upset.

Woh Apna Sa:

Nisha drinks wine with her friends. She is celebrating her freedom. She says its an achievement to enjoy at home, in absence of my inlaws. She throws Kaka and Kaki’s photo and laughs. Aditya comes there and picks the photo frame. He tells what Kaka and Kaki mean to him.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush beats up the goons. He saves the little Radha. The goons wanted to kidnap Radha. Piyush does not let them succeed. The family comes and support Piyush. They make the goons run away. Piyush does not like Radha. He just saves Radha for humanity. He gets a chance to get Vaidehi home.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Suhana, Sonakshi and her family dine together. Sonakshi says I had work, now I have time. Suhana wants to go Kolkata and asks her Nana to book tickets. She wants Sonakshi and Dev to stay together. Sonakshi is shocked that Suhana decided such big decision. Suhana’s Nana is happy and supports her in her decision.


Shivdutt is trying to get close to Chandrakanta. Virendra is angry seeing the two. Shivdutt asks Chandrakanta to start a new relation with him, as truth has come out. Chandrakanta agrees to Shivdutt’s proposal. She says even I want the same. He invites her for dinner. He says I m sure our closeness will end the distance. Virendra breaks things and does not want Chandrakanta to come between his motives. His friend Badri explains him.

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