Omkara and Gauri gather evidence against Shwetlana


Gauri helps Omkara enter the priest room by acting in front of police. Omkara and Gauri’s drama get their entry inside the college. Omkara tells her plan to Gauri. Gauri finds it tough to go there. Omkara asks her to go and get documents any way, else he won’t know the truth he is finding. He wants to know Shwetlana’s truth. Gauri gets glad that Omkara is helpless to marry Shwetlana, he wants to expose Shwetlana. She agrees to help him. Gauri and Omkara find a way to enter priest’s room. They hide from police. Gauri catches the falling Bible. They get to know Shwetlana’s details and picture.

Omkara gets a big shock and thinks how is it possible. Shwetlana too is hiding there and sees Omkara with the picture. She thinks even if Omkara got documents, he can’t do anything. She sees Chulbul leaking her secrets and gets angry. Gauri tells Omkara that she has seen this picture in Shwetlana’s room. Omkara thanks her. Shwetlana thinks to tackle Chulbul first.

Tej and Jhanvi get into an argument. Tej blames Jhanvi for his sorrows. Buamaa takes Jhanvi’s side. Tej asks Jhanvi to have some self-respect and leave him forever. Shwetlana does not want Omkara to reach the picture. Omkara wants the picture to get the clue. Shwetlana thinks to reach home before Omkara. Tej goes to meet Shwetlana. He sees her sleeping and compliments her beauty. Gauri’s hair get loose and she worries to cover her hair. She makes excuse to leave. Tej drops Shwetlana’s picture unknowingly. Shwetlana leaves for Mumbai to reach before Omkara. Gauri sets her hair and comes back to Omkara. Shwetlana leaves along Omkara and Gauri.


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