Avni to win Dayavanti’s trust in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Avni helps Dayavanti and wins her heart. She breaks Dayavanti and Diksha’s unity. Dayavanti says Ananya helped me a lot and won my heart, Ananya is a stranger, while Diksha is my own daughter, till Diksha created problems for me. She taunts Diksha for messing things around. She happily gives permission to Avni to write a biography on her life. Avni thanks her. Dayavanti was blamed for stealing the ancestral bangles of Khanna family. Dayavanti gets media’s call, who asks her about the theft story. Avni gives an idea to Dayavanti to answer media. Avni smartly wins her trust. Diksha asks Dayavanti not to trust Ananya, as they don’t know anything about her.


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