Shocking: Shivay to get ‘kidnapped and replaced’ in Ishqbaaz


Shivay’s plane gets hijacked. He gets attacked mid-air. He gets a big shock seeing the bomb. The lady then frees him and jumps off the plane before it crashes. Anika dreams of the plane crash and worries. She feels relieved seeing Shivay in front of her. Anika asks him how did he come back from his meeting so soon. His behavior makes her feel odd. Shivay tries to confuse her.

Anika feels restless and upset from within, when everyone is happy for Priyanka. Soumya asks her not to be scared of bad dream. She asks Anika to look around, everyone is with her. Anika worries by the inauspicious events. Pinky and Kamini get into an argument, about Mata Rani puja and engagement function. Kamini asks Pinky to do as she says. Dadi stops Pinky and asks her not to increase the arguments. She says we will find a middle way. Kamini asks them to let Shivay decide for the functions. Pinky is sure that Shivay will take her side and give importance to traditions.

They ask Shivay about marriage functions. Shivay takes Kamini’s side, and acts rude towards family. Everyone finds his behavior strange. Ranveer thinks Shivay is in pressure about of Priyanka’s pregnancy, and wants the marriage to happen at earliest. Everyone observes change in Shivay and think what happened to him. Khanna informs everyone about Shivay’s phone crash. Anika fears that Shivay would have been in that plane if his meeting did not get cancelled. Shivay makes a story. Everyone is glad that Shivay is fine. Tej asks who was travelling in plane if Shivay did not board it. Shakti asks Khanna to find out who hijacked the plane. Shivay asks them to make Priyanka’s day special. He sends them to get ready for engagement. Anika gets suspicious about Shivay. There will be big twists in coming track. Shivay got kidnapped, while his lookalike entered Oberoi mansion. Will Anika find out and expose the fake Shivay? How will she save Shivay from unknown enemies? Keep reading.


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