Soumya’s blunder to upset family in Shakti


Raavi and Balwinder want to marry. Soumya has gone from the house. Harman argues with Surbhi and Preeto. He says the problem is Soumya has gone with Raavi. He gets worried. Soumya comes home with Raavi and police. Harak asks inspector why did he come, what is the matter. Raavi got pregnant before marriage. Her would be father in law refuses to accept Raavi as bahu. Raavi complains to police about domestic violence.

She confesses that she is pregnant with Balwinder’s child. Her would be father scolds and slaps Balwinder knowing this truth. Harman asks Raavi is she mad. Harak asks Raavi to say truth. Raavi says Soumya has united me and Balwinder. Harak scolds Soumya for ruining their house respect. Preeto and Harak say bitter things to Soumya and Raavi. Harman could not say anything. Everyone worry thinking will Raavi’s child get father’s name or not.


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