Vividha to find out Suman’s truth in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Vividha covers up for Madhav when Atharv gets a doubt on him. Atharv gets a car for Madhav and asks him to play with him. Madhav wins the game. Vividha keeps an eye on Guddi. She sees Guddi taking food for Suman. She recalls Madhav’s words that he has seen Suman. She follows Guddi and gets close to see Suman. Vividha thinks why is everyone so strange here. She wonders who is inside the room, whom she did not see till now. She doubts if Suman is related to the strange incidents happening with Madhav.

Suman tells Guddi that she got caged here, because of Vividha. She tells Guddi that Vividha is in their house. She says Vividha and Madhav have come to find our secrets. She asks Guddi to send Vividha out of the house. Vividha informs Ravish that something strange is happening. Ravish asks her to collect DNA sample, as she knows its urgently needed for Madhav. He asks her to come back home soon. Vividha collides with Atharv. Atharv holds her.


Guddi fires Vividha from the job. She tells Atharv that such poor women are very clever, and can do anything to get job. Atharv stops Vividha and asks her to stay back for helping Guddi in work.

He gets ready and thinks to stay at home with Suman. Guddi asks him to go for work. Suman asks Guddi to make Vividha leave by some other way. Vividha looks for DNA samples. Suman gets worried when the anklet wearing spirit comes in front of her. Suman is hiding a big secret from Atharv. Will Atharv and Vividha find out Suman’s secrets? Keep reading.


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