Harjeet to kill Ahana’s surrogate in Pardes


Harjeet gets to know that Ahana’s surrogate is carrying Khurana’s child. She tries to find out who is the woman holding her family’s heir. She promises Ahana that she will kill her child, just like she got Ahana killed in an accident. Khurana does not know Harjeet’s true face and believes she is a more loving than any real mother would be. Harjeet will be soon finding out that Naina is Ahana’s surrogate. Meanwhile, Raghav feels sympathetic towards Naina. After the incident in hospital wing inauguration, Naina breaks down. Raghav thinks to support Naina. Someone starts blackmailing Raghav. Who is blackmailing Raghav? Will Harjeet succeed to reach Naina and harm her child? Keep reading.


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