Shocking twists lined up in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


There have been many illogical tracks in the show. When Yuvaan gets murdered, the police takes the body, but the post mortem does not clear that Yuvaan was stabbed and murdered. The police assumes Suhani has mentally troubled Yuvaan which made him commit suicide. Baby emerges victorious after sending Suhani to police station. Baby starts proving Suhani is mad, by provoking the latter in front of police and medical team.

Yuvraaj finds Baby behind the incidents happening at home. He does not have any solid proof. Krishna and Saiyyam get together and have same suspicions against Baby. However, Baby sees Yuvraaj dominating the house and thinks to find some solution.

Dadi blames Suhani for Yuvaan’s death, while Yuvraaj blames Dadi for Suhani’s state. Suhani gets mental shocks in the hospital. She is shattered after losing the family’s trust. Baby shows Yuvaan’s confession that Suhani is responsible for all the problems, so he decided to end his life. He says I hate my mum a lot. Yuvraaj gets a big shock. Bhavna tells Suhani that Baby has taken the case back. Bhavna asks Suhani not to do anything at home, that makes her land in mental hospital again.

Baby manipulates Dadi and asks Dadi to get Yuvraaj married to her. Dadi gets Yuvraaj and Baby married, which comes as a shock for Suhani when she returns home.

Dadi tells Suhani that she made Baby marry Yuvraaj, as Baby became widow because of Suhani. She says Baby was committing suicide, so Yuvraaj had to take this step. Saiyyam argues with Dadi and tells her that Baby is just acting. Krishna controls Saiyyam’s anger and takes him away. Suhani cries and tells Bhavna that now there is no use to talk. Baby threatens Yuvraaj and says she will not leave Suhani easily, as Suhani has ruined her life. Yuvraaj asks Baby to remember why they married. Baby starts acting in front of Yuvraaj. She asks him not to forget that Suhani made her a widow. Yuvraaj married Baby so that Suhani comes out of jail. Pratima comes home and gets a big shock knowing of Yuvraaj and Baby’s marriage. She wants to get an answer from Yuvraaj. Baby asks Suhani to see her life, which got worse than hell. Baby challenges Suhani to save her family. What will Suhani do now?


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