Shivani confesses love to Rangeela in Ghulaam


Shivani and Maldawali love Rangeela. Maldawali tells Rangeela that she loves him as he has a unique style. She flirts with him and gets romantic. Rangeela gets a shock and gets away from her. He asks for antidote for scorpion poison. Maldawali does not listen to him. He asks her not to talk cheap and give the antidote.

He scolds her a lot and gets the keys from her. Meanwhile, Shivani has confessed her feelings to Rangeela in bhaang effect. She told Rangeela that she has no expectations from him, but he is her husband for seven births. She asked him not to feel forced by her love. She feels she is on top of the world and dances happily thinking of Rangeela.

Veer is also drunk and does not see Shivani dancing in the room. Maldawali is frustrated seeing Shivani getting more value at home. She wants to make Shivani away and get Rangeela on her side. She is sure of taking revenge from Shivani. Rangeela refuses to Maldawali’s love. She understands Shivani is coming in her way. She is passionate about Rangeela. She gets angered by his rejection. Maldawali says I will make Shivani’s life hell. What will Maldawali do to break Rangeela and Shivani’s relation? Keep reading.



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