Vardaan and Devanshi’s bond to worry Kusum Sundari


Vardaan is heartbroken by Devanshi’s lie. She asks him to listen to her. He is much hurt and does not want to trust her again. She accepts her mistake to hide the truth. He asks her to be away and leaves. Devanshi cries. She feels sorry to lie to him. He just sees Devanshi’s lies, than the reasons for hiding the truth.

Later on, Vardaan realizes his mistake to stay angry with Devanshi. His anger outburst cools down and he decides to confess his feelings to Devanshi without any further delay. Vardaan confesses his love to Devanshi. Devanshi hesitates to express her feelings. She does not reply anything positive to Vardaan and leaves. Vardaan tries to make Devanshi realize her feelings for her. Their bond slowly starts growing, right in front of Kusum Sundari. What will Kusum Sundari do to keep Devanshi away?


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