Parth and Shorvori put efforts for Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Teni make cow dung pats. Teni teaches Parth about making the pats. Teni gets happy by recalling the cow dung smell. She used to live in poor locality. She wants the same smell and atmosphere around her. Parth gets the cowdung to make Teni feel comfortable. Teni tells him that its your first time and you became expert in it. Parth dislikes it initially and then enjoys making the dung pats. Parth and Teni paste the pats on the walls. Teni asks him to feel the happiness.

On the other hand, Shorvori wants to thank Teni for the happiness Teni is going to give them. Shorvori makes food for Teni. She is excited for the baby and is caring for Teni. She tells her mum in law that Teni does not bear hunger. She shows all the things she has cooked for Teni. Teni gets into an argument with Sejal. Sejal says I will not like to see when you will be kicked out from this house. Teni puts orange juice in Sejal’s eyes and hurts her. Sejal creates a scene to trouble Teni. What will Parth do now? Keep reading.

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