Gauri to save Omkara’s life in Dil Boley Oberoi


Buamaa tries to make Omkara and Tej bond. Omkara gets upset seeing Tej. Omkara asks Chulbul to join them. Gauri gets glad seeing Omkara’s humble nature. Shwetlana begins her drama by making a timely entry in a palanquin. Dressed up as a bride, Shwetlana tries to get acceptance from Jhanvi. She asks Jhanvi to bless her. She asks for the ancestral necklace.

She falls down to put blame on Jhanvi in front of the media. Shwetlana acts and tells media that Jhanvi is elder to her, Jhanvi and Tej love her a lot. She refers to Tej as her dad/father in law. Tej gets angered. She pressurizes Jhanvi to give her the gift in front of reporters. She asks Jhanvi to make her wear the ancestral necklace. Jhanvi unwillingly gets the necklace for Shwetlana. Shwetlana thanks Jhanvi for the ancestral necklace. She announces her wedding and shocks Omkara. She states I will be becoming Omkara’s wife. She asks Omkara to confirm it. She threatens to ruin the family reputation. Omkara admits he is going to marry Shwetlana. Gauri gets heartbroken seeing them.

Shwetlana dances around Omkara to celebrate her happiness. Gauri spots the robot. Shwetlana asks Omkara to give a wedding date to the media. Omkara falls in trouble. The media asks Omkara about the wedding. Omkara spots Maya in the house. He gets disturbed and runs to find Maya. Tej asks media to leave. Omkara follows Maya. He asks Maya to just answer, is she fine or not. Gauri gets the robot. Omkara falls down the railing. Gauri spots Omkara in danger and saves him in nick of the time. Maya turns out to be Shwetlana’s plan to fool Omkara. Keep reading.


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