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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira makes the tea for Kartik and Kirti. Kartik tells Naira that it’s not just fine, it’s really great. Naira is nervous to cook in Sasural for the first time. She asks him to go, else she can’t prepare the food. She loses focus in work by his presence. He goes to kitchen by many excuses. Kartik wants to stay with her to encourage her, but Dadi sends him away. He tries to make Naira feel like home. Later, Kartik sees Suwarna and Naira talking.


Vardaan looks for Devanshi in the temple. He gets a shock feeling she has died and left him forever. He moves the ashes and cries aloud. He can’t believe his Devanshi left him. He gets Devanshi’s ghungroo in the ashes. He gets mad and disappointed. Vardaan does not know that Devanshi is alive.


Ricky makes home a disco. He invites all his friends and parties at home. Ricky uses the money given by Kokila. Gopi gets angry seeing the party going on. Jaggi scolds Ricky and asks him why is he making this a punishment for family. Ricky wants to enjoy his life. Gopi finds a way to teach lesson to Ricky. Gopi and Jaggi along with entire family, get dressed in Dandiya costumes.


The masked guy fails to get the phone. He keeps asking Shivay about the phone. Shivay denies to have any phone. The masked guy stays with Shivay to know about the phone. After some time, the guy falls asleep. Shivay checks him and gets the phone. A lady helps him and asks him to call someone for help. Shivay gets new hopes and thinks to call Anika.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita tries to find Raman’s innocence proof. She thinks of Amma’s words and is upset over the happenings. Adi thinks to talk to Ruhi about the proposal and tells Aaliya that Ruhi will surely consider Bhatia’s son’s alliance. Adi consoles Shravan and reminds the old days. Shravan is angry on Raman who has snatched Vandu from him. Adi asks Shravan to trust him. Shravan argues with Adi. Adi asks Shravan to test his intentions. Shravan asks Adi to handover Raman to police. Adi refuses to do so. Appa makes Adi leave from the house. Iyers break ties with Adi as well.


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