Chandrakanta – Marich’s revenge


Virendra punishes himself for losing the focus. He is feeling bad that his father got humiliated because of him. He beats himself and promises to continue hurting himself physically till sun sets. Virendra’s friend Badrinath sees Virendra hurting himself and cries. He prays to Surya Dev to set early so that Virendra stops. He says Surya Dev stop your rays before time today, because my friend is wounding himself.

Virendra is feeling guilty because of his father’s words. When Virendra got the Tilismi keys, Marich welcomed him with honor. Virendra presents the box to Marich. Marich gets shocked seeing the box empty. He shouts on Virendra and asks where is the Tilismi key. He asks whether this is some job. He angrily throws the box and insults Virendra for losing his mind after a girl. Virendra recalls Marich’s words and beats himself non-stop.

Surya Dev accepts Badrinath’s prayers and sets. Badrinath asks Virendra to stop it now, as sunset has occurred. Virendra falls down. Virendra does not want to get distracted by Chandrakanta. He wants to remember his wounds and his motives.

Virendra feels there is some relation between him and Chandrakanta. He realizes there is a story which was left incomplete before. Marich tells that hundred years ago, Chandrakanta became the reason for his motives to remain unfulfilled. He does not want the same to happen now. He pledges revenge and wants to kill her. Virendra will come to rescue Chandrakanta’s life from Marich’s attack. Keep reading.


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